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Kellogg Community Credit Union 

“I’ve been most impressed with our overall growth - we just keep growing. The numbers, for the most part, are looking better and better, year after year."

-Toni Muchez, Senior Marketing Specialist at Kellogg Community Credit Union

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Kalamazoo Valley Community College

“We found that working in close partnership with our account representative, we’ve really been able to dial in to reach our target audiences.”

- Linda Depta, Kalamazoo Valley Community College Director of Development and Marketing Executive Director of the Kalamazoo Valley Foundation

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Maple Hill Auto Group

“We wanted to be unique, we wanted to be the tip of the sword and chart new waters. I think that’s what Federated Digital Solutions was able to bring us.”

- Jim Vandenberg, Owner and General Manager Maple Hill Auto Group

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D&R Sports Center

“If businesses are trying to reach younger or newer audiences, they’re not going to reach them by printing in the newspaper or posting billboards. It needs to be a modern way of reaching new clients.”

-Megan Bennink, Marketing Manager for D&R Sports Center

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Big C Lumber

“I interviewed a total of five companies who all made presentations on digital advertising. I was most comfortable with Federated Digital Solutions because of their presentation and reporting methods — the tools that they have.”

-Alan Town, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Big C Lumber

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